Incas Peruvian Cuisine Sound Beach NY

Inca’s Peruvian Cuisine: The newest hotspot in Sound Beach NY


 Authentic Peruvian Flavors In The Heart Of Sound Beach NY

Nestled in the heart of Sound Beach, Inca’s Peruvian Cuisine brings an authentic taste of Peru to Long Island. With its vibrant and flavorful dishes, this restaurant has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. From traditional ceviche to mouthwatering Lomo Saltado, Inca’s offers a culinary experience like no other in the area. Jenny and Jimmy welcomes you with a warm smile and illumining atmosphere. The staff is warm and friendly and makes sure every guest is comfortable and enjoying the Peruvian dining experience.  They have plenty of appetizers to choose from. Our pick is the Salchipapas

Located at 157 Whitestone Road Sound Beach NY 


Culinary Delight: Exploring the Menu at Inca’s Peruvian Cuisine

At Inca’s Peruvian Cuisine, diners are treated to a wide array of traditional Peruvian dishes that showcase the diverse flavors and ingredients of this South American cuisine. Start your meal with a refreshing ceviche, made with fresh fish marinated in citrus juices and served with sweet potato and corn. For a heartier option, try the Lomo Saltado, a stir-fry dish featuring tender strips of beef sautéed with onions, tomatoes, and French fries.

For those looking to sample a bit of everything, the mixed grill platter is a must-try. This generous platter includes a variety of grilled meats such as chicken, beef, and chorizo, accompanied by rice, beans, and plantains. The flavors are bold and aromatic, with each dish expertly seasoned to perfection. Be sure to save room for dessert, as Inca’s offers delicious sweets like Tres leches cake and alfajores.

Inca’s Peruvian Cuisine truly stands out as a gem in the Sound Beach dining scene, offering a unique and flavorful culinary experience that transports diners to the bustling streets of Peru. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Peruvian cuisine or looking to try something new, Inca’s is a must-visit destination for food lovers in Long Island. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to savor the authentic flavors and warm hospitality that Inca’s Peruvian Cuisine has to offer.

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